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An experienced Santa Clarita bankruptcy attorney to help you start over. It’s not your fault. We have expertise in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, helping thousands of people with care and skill over two decades.

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This bankruptcy attorney in Santa Clarita, CA focuses on only debt relief. With focused expertise in bankruptcy, we know the risks, and can compassionately guide you to a successful fresh start. Trust a Santa Clarita bankruptcy attorney knowledgeable in preparing the documents to best ensure your case’s success. We know with what bankruptcy trustees seek, and complete the bankruptcy exemptions to keep your assets. We’ve helped thousands of people decide, “should I file bankruptcy” with honesty and compassion. We’ve achieved a Chapter 7 bankruptcy 99% success rate. Put our experience to work for you.

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The same bankruptcy lawyer you meet with will be the same one you review your completed bankruptcy petition with. For a major process like a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 you hope to do just once in your life, trust an experienced Santa Clarita bankruptcy lawyer.  You can’t afford to do this wrong just to save a few dollars.

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Why use someone from far away with a satellite office in Valencia when you can have a real Santa Clarita bankruptcy attorney? We’ve helped thousands of SCV neighbors needing affordable debt relief file bankruptcy. Whether you live in Stevenson Ranch or Newhall. No matter if you live in Saugus or Valencia, don’t settle for a branch office that also does taxes. We’re the only bankruptcy lawyer in Santa Clarita CA you need.

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People ask, “what does a bankruptcy lawyer cost to file bankruptcy,” and the answer is it really depends. Just the same way there is no one set price to paint a house or fix a car, there’s no one-price-fits-all for fixing your finances. However, once we’ve had a chance to evaluate your unique situation, the Santa Clarita bankruptcy attorney will provide you with a price in writing. Better still, we accept payments, and you choose the amounts. We don’t ask for your bank account information so we can take payments from you. You pay when you can.

Expert in the Specialty

Since the Great Recession of 2009, the economy has been steadily improving. Recent years have been great for workers, households, and the economy overall. This means that a lot of lawyers stopped doing all types of bankruptcies when business dried up. There might have been a dozen Santa Clarita bankruptcy attorneys, but now only a few remain. Those that remain have branched out and do car accidents, taxes, estate planning, and divorces. And that’s fine, they have bills to pay also.

Other lawyers just jumped into debt law. There’s a pandemic and inflation, so they figure this is where the money is. They’re reaching out to try to learn this nuanced specialty as fast as they can. They’re new, and you’re their guinea pig as they try to get rich off the current calamity.

But you have options.

You can select a bankruptcy attorney in Santa Clarita CA who has been specializing in consumer debt law — and only consumer debt law — for the past two decades. You can choose a caring professional that understands you and what you’re going through. And best of all, you can select a Santa Clarita bankruptcy lawyer who knows the law, knows the field, and knows the best way to help you get to a successful financial tomorrow.

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We all go through tough times in life. No one predicted the pandemic would come here to Santa Clarita CA, but force millions of Americans to lose their jobs. Now in 2022, few guessed inflation and gas prices would soar to record highs and interest rates would jump, squeezing your wallet and bank account. Let’s talk about the best way to help you get a fresh start. Contact us now.